4 Easy Steps To Best Promote Open House On Facebook

Updated: Oct 10, 2020


Should you promote your open house with a Facebook post? Should you even have an open house? Open houses have been a long debated topic in real estate but the truth is there are pros and cons and why you should and shouldn’t use it as part of your marketing strategy. This Rochester Real Estate Blog summarizes quite nicely the pros and cons.

From a pro perspective:

  • There is the possibility of attracting new buyers who may not know how to start the home buying process

  • Real estate agents can increase exposure of the listing for their client and maximize the chance of a getting a sale

  • Real estate agents can build new connections with potential leads.

From a con perspective:

  • Statistically speaking sales from general open houses is rather low. Only 2-3% of home sales are from public open houses while the majority come from private viewings

  • Open houses potentially bring in unqualified buyers which is a waste of time for both real estate agents and their clients.

One way real estate agents can increase the chances of success with open houses, while mitigating any downside risks, is to promote their open house on Facebook. Facebook is an amazing platform that will allow you to reach a very wide and targeted audience and thereby put your listing in front of the most qualified and interested buyers. In this article, we will walk you through 4 simple steps and teach you how to promote your open house on Facebook to maximize the chances of success.

Step1 : Run Open House Facebook Ads

Open house Facebook ads is the best way to put your open house information in front of many qualified audiences. With some marketing spend, you can advertise information about your open house to many potential buyers. Starting 2018 Facebook has changed the algorithm such that organic posts have very limited reach.

There are several things you must consider to make sure you have the best Facebook ad for your open house.

High Quality Photos of The House

Facebook is a visual platform and when your advertisement comes up on someone’s newsfeed it needs to catch the reader’s attention. Therefore it is critical, we repeat CRITICAL, that you have very attractive visuals. Take a look at the photos below and compare. Ask yourself which ad would you click on.


No doubt it’ll be the photo on the right. Why? Because the photo on the right draws you in with a beautiful view of the house, with lake side scenery and beautiful greenery. Meanwhile the photo on the left, even though the apartment building is very nice, doesn't draw attention to it. Instead, the text makes the ad very cheesy and borderline not trustworthy. To have the best facebook ad for your open house, you want to catch your audience's attention so they stop and learn about when your open house is happening.

Test Ad Format and Call To Action

There is no right or wrong ad format to use so it will come down to testing overtime on which ad format works better for you. We suggest using carousel ads with several high quality images of the home to peak the audience interest in the home. We repeat high quality images. If you are adept with video, having high quality video can also work very well.

We recommend to use Learn More as your call to action and link back to your website. But Facebook also offers other CTA like booking a time that may be relevant.

Know Your House, Know Your Demographic

The reason why Facebook is so powerful and effective is because advertisers have the ability to target very specific audiences. You likely do not want to target everyone in the world about this open house. In fact, likely a very specific group of people will be interested in the home. This will be confined by geographic location, e.g. I should target only people in Toronto if my open house is Toronto Canada. In addition, ask yourself, what kind of home am I listing? Is it a 4 bedroom double garage home in the suburbs or is a bachelor unit in the downtown core? This is very important because the target audience that may be interested in home will likely be very different. You may be interested in targeting people between the ages of 30-50, married and with kids if you are listing a 4 bedroom home. For condo you may be targeting 25-35 single individuals that are working in finance & tech since those are the jobs usually located in the downtown core. The best Facebook ad for open house are the ads that are the most targeted.

Preferably You Have a Facebook Page

When running Facebook ads, it is preferred that you have an existing Facebook page for your real estate business to run the ad from. Why? Primarily for branding. When you place your open house ad in front of an audience, they will see who / which company is running the ad. At that point, the audience may click through to your Facebook to learn more about you. Ideally you have social proof with some Facebook page likes to help build trust with the audience. You should also have your open house post on your Facebook page.

Engaging Ad Copy

Having just a beautiful image is not enough for your ad. Once you have caught your audience's attention, you need to provide information to the audience about the open house. Let people know you are hosting an open house. Give them some information around where the open house will be, when it is, and anything you’re providing (maybe you’ll be giving out refreshments). Ultimately you want to encourage people to come so make sure your tone is welcoming. Make sure you tell people to click on Learn More.

Step 2: Tell a story with dedicated landing page

The goal of the open house Facebook post is to raise awareness, provide information and ask the audience to click through to learn more about the open house. The magic really happens after the audience clicks through and lands on your website.

You want to make sure you have a dedicated landing page for your open house on your website. The goal of this page is to tell a story, a very visual story, about the open house. This is also the time you provide more back story about the home, more specs, and sell to the audience. Yes you are advertising your open house event but ultimately the goal is to sell the home for your client. The audience that clicked through to your website are interested in the open house likely because they are interested in the home.

Tell your audience about when the house was built, help them imagine what it could be like if they lived there, give them information about what to expect from the house, talk about the neighbourhood. Give your audience visuals whether its photos or videos that you have to get them excited for the open house. Once again, make sure it is HIGH QUALITY. You don’t want to have spent money just to put off an audience that might be potentially interested.

All of this information you provide to the audience is really to qualify the audience. If they still reach out to inquire about the open house, it is likely they have a lot of interest not just in the open house but also the home itself. Using this technique it helps not only get more visitors to your open house but more important, quality visitors to your open house.

Step 3: Encourage a dialogue

Finally you must find ways to let your audience easily have a dialogue with you. They may have questions about the open house or some questions about the house specifically. You want to make sure your landing page provides the most convenient way for your audience to reach out to you. This means having clear Call to Actions on your dedicated landing page will be very important. The call to action should be either to call you or fill out a contact form. This form can also serve as a lead capture for your email list.

In addition, you should consider having a live chat set on your website. This live chat can be connected to Facebook messenger. This way people can have a live chat conversation with you to clarify any questions about the open house.


If you are considering using Facebook to promote your open house, make sure to keep these things in mind. As we’ve mentioned, the magic happens when you bring Facebook traffic to your website. MUDAVEN specializes in helping real estate agents build beautiful brand focused landing pages that convert. Reach out to us today and see how we can help. Lastly, have a kick ass open house! That’s the only way to close the deal!


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